The Andover Club currently owns a 1998 Tucker Sno-Cat 2000 Series with an 18-08 Mogul Master Drag and a 2004 Bombardier Camoplast BR-180 with an 18-09 Mogul Master Drag. This equipment helps us produce ultimate riding conditions and is far superior to previous smaller machines. Over the years, club members have united in modifying the existing trail systems to utilize this equipment on our entire network of trails.

Previously, our first Tucker was limited to 20 miles of rail bed between Franklin and Danbury, and 20 miles of trail from East Andover to Bristol. Through extensive widening of trails, new bridges capable of supporting the Tucker and BR-180, and countless other tasks, these two machines are able to service our entire 80 plus mile trail system.

With equipment like this, the Andover Snowmobile Club is able to maintain trails that are comparable with those of the North Country. It is a must see situation that all will enjoy!!!